The Journey Begins

I decided to start this blog while researching a topic this morning, I found some information which was valuable to my effort. It was then that I realized someone took the time to share their experiences which I found valuable — maybe it’s time for me to give back. Maybe its past time, so here I go for what it’s worth.

I’ll be sharing what works during instructor-led cyber training classes. Over the last fifteen years I have been teaching adult students in various cyber domains, mostly computer forensics.   Being a purist (and a live trainer), I believe live, instructor-led training (ILT) is the best ways to teach these technology topics.

I’m not a teacher by education or by training. I learned by trial and error and by what appears to me to be common sense. So, in this blog you’ll find little academic ramblings about the science of education, there’s plenty of research papers out there.

I caught the “training bug” in the 1980’s when I was in the US Air Force, stationed at the Air Force Academy teaching freshman cadets how to “fly” in flight simulators.  Five other enlisted guys and myself taught the same one hour lesson, 6 times a day, all year long.  This taught me my first 2 lessons in the field of training:

  • Repetition Produces Excellence – we got very good at teaching, reading students and cracking jokes.
    • Sub-lesson: not everyone thinks the jokes are funny, even if they laugh, some get offended. Further, some get so offended they report their instructor up the Chain of Command. More on appropriate use of strong language, adult humor and war stories in a future post.
  • Repetition Yields Boredom (at a level approaching insanity) – fortunately our Chief recognized this and gave us time off and a relaxed working environment at least to the extent he could at a military academy. Thanks “Papa!”

If you have the opportunity to teach with some degree of repetition, use this to improve your delivery and fine tune the various aspects of your interaction.

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